Perfect Brows in an Hour

Now you can have gorgeous, lush brows with perfect arches that frame your eyes. The professionals at Bella MedSpa will consult with you to learn about your concerns and your expectations. They will use an advanced Microblading technique, a semi-permanent tattoo method, to improve your brows and give you the beautiful look you dream of - in under an hour.

Get the Look you Want

Experienced Bella MedSpa aestheticians can create the brow appearance you want, from a natural finish to a bold and beautiful look. Your aesthetician will consult with you to find the best brow shape for your face. You will then weigh your options and decide on just the right color to match your skin tones and your natural hair.

The Brow Microblading Advantage

If you look in the mirror and wish your brows would look better, Microblading can be your best answer. Microblading is a long-term solution that allows you to wake up and feel confident and beautiful, every day. Your aesthetician will correct the shape of your brows and intensify thin or missing brows. With Microblading, you will have no need to wax, pluck or thread your brows.

How it Works

At Bella MedSpa, a licensed professional artist will use a special hand tool to implant pigment under your skin and draw hair strokes manually. The result is beautifully matched, arched brows with the lush look you want. The longevity of the treatment varies according to your skin type and your daily skin routine. Typically, Microblading will last from one to two years with touch-up sessions. Trust the professional Microblade artists at Bella MedSpa to help you look your best.

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